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INTANTUM Lounge is a musical project that performs original music and famous rock, jazz and pop hits with unique sound mixing elements of Lounge, Chillout and Smooth Jazz.


The face and the voice of INTANTUM Lounge is  singer and composer Veera Vares.

The sound producer and guitarist is Dmitry Ursul.

How it all began...

The project was formed by Veera and Dmitry in the year 2012 and first started as a jazz lounge duo, vocal and a guitar. They performed their favorite songs of different genres and eras turning it into the Lounge style with Smooth Jazz elements. Later they started writing their own songs in the same genre. 

INTANTUM Duo was active in Russia for 5 years, also touring in the other countries. Over time later, Veera and Dmitry decided to involve other musicians and electronic DJs so the format of the duo ended up transforming into the new INTANTUM Lounge project.




L.O.V.E. (Nat King Cole cover)

Lovely Day Lovely Night

Smooth Operator (Sade cover)



INTANTUM Lounge can perform in several ways with choosing the variety of musicians on stage. 

Now the lead singer Veera can perform alone or with different musicians (such as saxophone, guitar, DJ, drums).

So, you can choose what form of INTANTUM Lounge you want to see live!


INTANTUM Lounge's repertoire suits to many types of events from cocktail receptions to elegant banquets. It is great for the beginning of any occasion.


INTANTUM Lounge's music will take you to the ocean where you can relax and enjoy the sunset with a glass of Mojito in your hand.


  • Instagram - черный круг
  • YouTube - черный круг
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